New principles from the study, testing and control of the condition of airfield pavements were demonstrated to the AAUCA participants by the specialists of SE "DORCENTR"

11.08.2021 r. delegation of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" of Civil Aviation (AAUCA), consisting of specialists from design, construction, operating organizations, as well as scientists who are engaged in aerodrome and road construction and their maintenance, had the opportunity to visit the State Enterprise "Dorcenter", as well as listen to an informative presentation about the activities of the enterprise and get acquainted with the principle of operation of the latest equipment with software, which is used to select the components of asphalt concrete and cement concrete pavements to assess the strength and condition of the bearing capacity.

State Enterprise "Road Scientific and Technical Center" (State Enterprise "Dorcentr") is a modern, technically equipped enterprise with the latest equipment, whose activities are aimed at providing services to ensure the quality of research and road construction works, improving safety and operational status highways, improvement of the regulatory framework on quality assurance, development and implementation of information technology, provision of consulting and engineering services.

Representatives of the AAUCA had the opportunity to get acquainted with modern equipment that provides research and testing of a wide range of materials (bitumen, base soil, unbound materials, fibers and plastics) and samples of asphalt concrete and cement-concrete pavements (for more details, see the appendix).

The delegation of AAUCA was very interested in the testing of structures with the use of dynamic loads to determine the deflection bowl using the FastFWD installation, which allows aerodrome specialists to quickly determine the deformation properties of materials of individual structural elements (road structure layers), assess the residual life of the pavements and, as a result, determine the value of the coefficient PCN is an important indicator characterizing the bearing capacity of the surface of the runway and other elements of the aerodrome.

A presentation on the study of roads and aerodrome coatings in Ukraine with the help of this equipment was presented by PhD in Engineering Science, senior scientist Dmitry Novakovsky, who described all the capabilities of the equipment, the stages of the study and its results. It is interesting that equipment manufacturers constantly communicate with international aviation organizations, representatives of ICAO, EASA are interested in this and they take part in research, and our aviation regulator, the State Aviation Service, is not interested in this, they could not find the time and get acquainted with modern PCN recognition technology airfield pavements.

The AAUCA management, on behalf of the delegation, expresses gratitude to the Director of the State Enterprise "Dorcenter" Denis Kipnis for the opportunity to get acquainted with modern technologies in the field of road and aerodrome construction, as well as for the comfortable conditions for holding the event.

We hope that the new information received by the participants of this event will be useful and implemented at the airports of Ukraine.



Equipment and capabilities of State Enterprise "Dorcenter"

At the moment, SE "Dorcenter" has a well-developed material and technical base, an updated and modern test center, as well as qualified personnel, which makes it possible to provide high-quality and efficient services for monitoring the quality of road works, diagnostics and assessment of the operational state of highways and artificial structures, equipment:
- furnace for long-term aging of bitumen (set PAV VDO) (used to simulate long-term aging of a binder in a road surface for 5-10 years);
- Proceq GP8000 short-range scanner (in the form of a portable broadband scanner, it is an effective visualization system for examining reinforced concrete structures);
- RTFO (Rolling thin-filmoven) (used to determine the effect of heat and air on a moving film of semi-solid bituminous materials);
- two-wheel tracker DWT Universal (used to determine the tendency of hot asphalt (HMA) to deform under load by measuring the depth of the track formed by repeated passes of a loaded wheel of a fixed temperature);
- Roller compactor B039 (sector press, roller compactor) (roller compactor B039 is used to simulate the real conditions of compaction of an asphalt concrete mixture by a road roller in the laboratory)
- gyratory compactor GALILEO Research (preparation of asphalt concrete samples of a given height and given density for further testing of their mechanical properties);
- Servo-hydraulic dynamic test system (used for tensile and compression tests in dynamic mode of a wide range of materials such as asphalt, soil, loose materials, fibers and plastics);
- laboratory mixer Silverson (has a wide range of applications: mixing, emulsification, homogenization, disintegration and dissolution).

The range of services provided by the company:
- industry certification
- product certification;
- determination of strength characteristics;
- determination of transport and operational indicators;
- determination of the qualitative characteristics of the means of organizing traffic;
- testing of asphalt-concrete and bitumen-mineral mixtures, asphalt-concrete and cement-concrete samples;
- field trials.

Concrete strength measurements are performed using several methods:
- non-destructive method using a sclerometer;
- the destructive method "SKOL";
- by deformation characteristics;
- modulus of elasticity (using a rigid stamp and using FastFWT).

Determination of transport and operational indicators:
- determination of the coefficient of adhesion of a car wheel with a coating;
- measuring the evenness of the coating using the device "pusher";
- measuring the evenness of the pavement according to the international index of equality "IRI";
- measurement of the transverse and longitudinal equality of the coatings using the RDU "KONDOR" rail;
- determination of the transverse slope of the structural element of the road RDU "CONDOR";
- determination of the parameters of the surface roughness of the coating.

Field trials include:
- determination of soil moisture;
- determination of the temperature of the road surface (laser thermometer and contact thermometer)
- determination of the mobility of the concrete mixture;
- determination of the porosity of the concrete mixture.

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