RENFUL's latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment increase the safety of air passengers at airports around the world

RENFUL's latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment increase the safety of air passengers at airports around the world.

At the request of the participants of the online meeting of the Committee on Aviation Security, Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUTSA), which took place on 04.02.2021) Of Ukraine.

 During the presentation, urgent issues of aviation security of domestic and international airports, means and methods of counteracting acts of illegal interference in the aviation industry were discussed.

The participants agreed that one of the key factors influencing aviation safety is the level of training of specialists who work directly on the inspection equipment, namely on X-ray television introscopes and tomographs. After all, even with the development and implementation of automatic detection systems (EDS - Explosives Detection Systems), these systems leave the decision on a certain percentage of complex luggage per person - an employee of the aviation security service of the airline. Thus, the presence of the human factor obliges to take care of periodic support, continuous improvement and control of professional skills of care equipment operators.

BB VATEK LLC and RENFUL Premier Technologies presented a computer simulator of X-ray and television introscopes and computer tomographs, designed for training and certification of aviation security specialists with X-ray image modeling and detection of prohibited items - SIMFOX Pro. The simulator has already been implemented, is successfully operated and has received extremely positive reviews at a number of European airports. In Ukraine, such a simulator was installed at Boryspil International Airport in 2004 and introduced by Ukrainian customs officers, where it has proven to be an effective tool for staff training.

 Speakers of VATE LLC VATEK and RENFUL Premier Technologies expressed readiness to cooperate with all aviation companies in the supply of such systems and ongoing technical support of the SIMFOX Pro software product.

 Eye-Fox, a computerized X-ray image analysis and automatic threat detection system designed to help operators identify threats during care, was presented separately. The Eye-Fox algorithm is trained to detect threats and questionable things that may be hidden in X-ray images of X-ray machines such as Rapiscan Systems, Smith-Heimann, Adani and others. Eye-Fox is offered as a separate module connected to the X-ray television set. Although the recognition ability of the Eye-Fox system is higher than the results shown by operators, Eye-Fox is positioned as a tool to support the operator and has a menu similar to an introscope. The system was trained to make the right decisions by the operator when detecting threats. The algorithm of the system is constantly improved and trained to detect new threats and is regularly updated by the manufacturer.

In a few days of intensive training, SAB operators gain knowledge that will improve their ability to effectively use existing X-ray technology to identify threatening objects. In addition, the company is training specialists who will be involved as trainers in future AB training courses on X-ray image analysis.

The first aviation company to start testing Eye-Fox in the first half of May will be the State Enterprise Boryspil International Airport, Ukraine's flagship aviation.

Speakers of BB VATEK LLC and RENFUL Premier Technologies assured the participants of the video conference of their readiness to provide the Eye-Fox system for test operation free of charge to the Ukrainian airline interested in the latest technologies in this area of ​​activity.

Presentations of software products can be found on the AAUCA website in the "Documents" section

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