New technologies make it possible to monitor the condition of the runway at a distance

New technologies make it possible to monitor the condition of the runway at a distance

Member of Association "Airports of Ukraine of Civil Aviation - Marcel Boschung AG has developed and proposes for implementation in airports ATLAS system (Automated Take-off and Landing Assessment System) according to the ICAO reporting format (GRF).

The system consists of several hardware and software elements for automatic inspection and measurement of the required parameters:
• RWYCC runway status code;
• type of precipitation;
• depth of precipitation;
• precipitation runway area.

ATLAS is the world's first fully automatic system that does not require the closure of the runway and the physical departure of personnel to monitor its condition.

ATLAS captures actual values ​​and creates an archive, making the actions and decisions of aerodrome staff more confident, using simple visualization tools.

ATLAS is the only modular system capable of measuring / detecting all types of precipitation and foreign matter required by GRF, automated, 24/7.

ATLAS is a modular system that can be accessed for all categories of airports (small, medium and large), in all regions of the world with any climate and with any existing system.

The atlas is scaled in such a way that the reliability of measurements and the data bank can be increased if additional modules are adopted at airports.

The ATLAS system is described in more detail in the document, which can be opened at the link on the AAUCA website in the "Documents" section

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