It is inspiring that the leaders of the State pay attention to airports

It is inspiring that the leaders of the State pay attention to airports!

The management of the Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA) has always stated that airports are socio - economic enterprises for residents of the country and regions. There is a definition of experts: "If a city and region have a functioning airport - their status for investors and potential development opportunities increase by 2-2.5 times," and that's it. The aviation community knows that the main object of the airport is the airfield. Airfields and passenger terminals in Ukraine were built in the 70s and 80s and met the requirements of the time. Today, in most of them, the service life is completely exhausted, except for the airport "Boryspil", where the runway was built and put into operation in 2001 №1. At that time, it was the best runway in the post-Soviet space, built on the latest technologies, equipped with modern equipment from leading manufacturers in the world and met ICAO category III in terms of meteorological minimum for takeoff and landing. It should also be noted that due to the case of determining Ukraine for the finals of the European Football Championship "Euro 2012", according to the State target program of preparation of the country (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 14.04.2010 N 357) for such an important event were built runways and passenger terminals in the cities of Lviv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Boryspil, Kyiv airports named after I. Sikorsky. Unfortunately, some facilities at Lviv and Kharkiv airports have not yet been commissioned and handed over to the balance holder. We all know what happened to Donetsk airport, which cost the country's budget more than $ 1 billion. USA.
And only now, thanks to the support of the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister, under the patronage of the Minister of Infrastructure, a young team of Ukrinfraproekt specialists led by Kirill Khomyakov, manages to organize the completion of the much-needed runway in Odessa and at the same time begin construction of the runway and terminal at the airport in Dnipro, and there is still a desire to complete all the shortcomings at the airports of Lviv and Kharkiv. It is planned to build a runway at public expense in some cities in the region, and passenger terminals and other airport infrastructure at the expense of investors.
It will really be a breakthrough, but on one condition - not to repeat the mistakes of predecessors, and there are all possibilities - designers, builders, manufacturers of modern equipment, today they are all members of AAUCA and able to perform their functions in the best way, especially since Ukraine has already implemented some regulations (NPA) of the aviation industry, according to international standards.
This can be done only without the support and lobbying of those who will no longer be involved in the operation of these facilities.
AAUCA members are professionals who are ready to provide consulting, technical and organizational services, have the knowledge and professional experience to do so, and have built many facilities at airports around the world.
Good luck, dear colleagues! We wish you to enter the history of civil aviation only with a positive!

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