“Aviation industry after the Covid-19 pandemic. Impact on airports, airlines and people. "

The aviation industry is facing an unprecedented crisis in recent years. This industry has never experienced a crisis of this magnitude. All sectors of the industry are affected: airlines, airports, tour operators, service companies, leasing companies and many others. Finding the right approach to the situation, reviewing best practices is now very important

The UAF team prepared an online marathon on the topic: “Aviation industry after the Covid-19 pandemic. Impact on airports, airlines and people. "
Date: July 29
Time: 15: 00-18: 00
Our experts will give an overview of those challenges related to the transportation of passengers, their checks at airports and on board. The most optimal solutions for working with personnel in a crisis. Cooperation of carriers and airports of Ukraine to improve the position of Ukrainian aviation in the world market.

Who are we waiting for?

Tour Operators
Training centers
Insurance companies
HR airlines
Government regulators
Leasing companies
Topics of speeches:

Evaluation of job seekers in the aviation industry after COVID-19.
Aviation Industry Outlook. Impact of COVID-19 and future plans.
A new approach to airline recruitment: cost savings and efficiency gains.
Impact of Covid-19 on the operation of airports and airlines. How are we going to make ground travel and sky travel safer? What ground and flight operations will look like in the “new normal”.
Sustainable airline business model in the post-COVID-19 period.
Ukraine's connection with the outside world during a global pandemic.

Lucas Levy - Senior Consultant and Licensed Psychologist at Aon's Assessment Solutions, CutE, Sweden
Enzo Zangrilli - Founder of 1Aviation, Italy
Simonas Bartkus - Ch-aviation GmbH, Germany
Stein G. Meatveit - Marketing Director, OSM Aviation Academy, Sweden
Galina Durmush - Commercial Director / Head of Representative Office of Qatar Airways Group, Ukraine
Alex Onatsky - IATA Regional Manager for Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia, Ukraine
Vadim Sidoruk - Regional Manager, DHL Express, Ukraine
David Huttner - Head of Commercial Aviation Practice at PA Nyras, UK
Georgy Zubko - Commercial Director of Boryspil International Airport, Ukraine
Sergey Fomenko - Commercial Director of UIA, Ukraine
Benefits of an online marathon

Relevance of the topic
10 + speakers
Live discussion
Online access with the ability to ask questions to speakers
6 countries take part
REGISTRATION BY LINK: https://bit.ly/32IoTrY

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