The signing of the Agreement on a Common Aviation Area with the EU is an event that has been awaited in Ukraine for over 10 years!

The Association "Airports of Ukraine" CA (AAUCA), since 2014 has been trying to comprehensively promote the liberalization of the air transportation market in general and, in particular, regarding the Agreement with the EU on the "Open Aviation Area".
Since AAUCA is a member of the Airports Council of Europe (ACI-Europe), issues of accelerating the signing of this Agreement have been repeatedly considered at ACI-Europe events, where there has always been agreement and advice from the management and members of ACI-Europe committees. In fact, at all the events that AAUCA held, including the international aviation forum, round tables, meetings of specialized committees, possible ways to resolve this issue were discussed, therefore all AAUCA participants are happy to receive this good news. The signing of the Agreement will demonopolize the market and will have a positive effect on the development of air transportation at the airports of Ukraine, thanks to which the opportunities for almost all airlines will increase in the aviation market, but on the other hand, the requirements for the compliance of infrastructure and aviation standards with the norms of the European Community will increase.
That is why, in order to realize the potential of Ukraine in air transportation, full-fledged planned further development of aviation enterprises, we hope that the government will return to the consideration and approval of the Aviation Strategy, which was developed, but unfortunately not adopted together with the National Transport Strategy.
The regulator, the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, faces no less challenges, which must provide the industry with aviation regulations adapted to the European aviation legislation.
Much has been done, but regulatory documents regarding aviation fuel supply and handling services at airports have not been renewed for several years.

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